The Salvesen Mindroom Centre

The Salvesen Mindroom Centre

Stand C85
T: 0131 370 6731
Contact:Katherine Malin-August
The Salvesen Mindroom Centre vision is: a world where no mind is left behind and every person with a learning difficulty has the recognition and support to achieve their potential. We combine research, clinical expertise, and direct help & support to families.


New Products

Our publications have been expanded and updated to include: It Takes All Kinds of Minds - a guide to understanding learning difficulties, Top Ten Tips for parents and carers of children and young people with learning difficulties, and Essential Rights Guide. We offer awareness-raising and training on supporting children and young people with learning difficulties, and on Positive engagement between families and professionals. We have newly created films about living with learning difficulties, and what practical help can be provided, as well as the top ten research priorities for learning difficulties.
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