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Prim-Ed Publishing is a leading educational publisher, specialising in an extensive range of educational books and teacher resources addressing all key subject areas and written to support the Curriculum for Excellence.

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STEM Project Boxes and Science: A STEM Approach Books - Full Set (P1-P7) £299 including free delivery.


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The NEW English Skills Boxes 1-3 provide opportunities for pupils to read an exciting range of graded texts to support, match or challenge their needs and to creatively apply their skills and knowledge of English comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, grammar and punctuation. 75 graded reading textsper box, to align with the national curriculum requirements and with skill-focused activities to inspire confidence in learners. The cards provide engagingand meaningful reading and skills practise for pupils aged 5 - 11 years, eitherwithin groups, one-to-one or through independent learning. The Maths Box (Early Years Foundation Stage) is now available to order. This resource has been written to support the teaching and learning of mathematical skills and concepts across the curriculum. A variety of motivating activities, supported by colourful artwork and photographs, encourages pupils to engage in independent work and to further practise and consolidate the mathematical concepts taught in class. Separate answer cards allow pupils to work independently, at their own pace, whilst keeping a record for their own and teacher reference. The new STEM Projects series provides opportunities for pupils to creatively apply skills and knowledge in science, design and technology, mathematics and digital technology, whilst completing short- or long-term projects. Each STEM Projects series box (Foundation to Year 6) contains a set of cards on a range of topics linked to the science national curriculum, but their variety also allows them to be successfully incorporated into a cross-curricular approach to topic teaching.Each topic contains key learning objectives from the design and technology national curriculum and covers contemporary environmental themes such as recycling and horticulture. Science: A STEM Approach, teacher resource, builds on the successful model of integrating STEM into the curriculum through teaching the science part of a topic and then following this with two to three weeks completing a technology and/or engineering project. By the end of Year 6, pupils will be well prepared for secondary school, particularly in the areas of science, technology and engineering.
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