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Phonic Books Ltd

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Contact:Wendy Tweedie
Phonic Books Ltd specialises in publishing books and resources for beginner and catch-up readers. Created by reading and dyslexia specialists, the highly-effective books combine step-by-step phonics with engaging, imaginative stories and illustrations.

Show Offer

Free postage and packing if ordered at the show or any time before the end of October using quote SLF16


New Products

At this show we will be presenting: - Titan's Gauntlets - an exciting new quest series set on the ocean that fits between our popular Talisman 1 and Talisman 2 series and offers a higher level of text to picture ratio. Fully photocopiable workbook -Moon Dogs Vowel Spelling Series - a set of 14 books about the Moon Dogs band, introducing two spellings for 14 popular vowel sounds. Again with fully photocopiable workbook.
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