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Peace Education Scotland is pleased to be launching three new modules at the Scottish Learning Festival - 'Morality', 'The Environment' and 'A Peace of History'. Join us at SLF '19 to meet our team and make a booking for your school!


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The new units we shall be launching at SLF 2019 are: Morality Unit - Examining moral arguments for and against the use of nuclear weapons. Learn how to frame and structure moral arguments! Recommended: Secondary - Philosophy, RMPS, Sociology, Religious Studies, Psychology. Environmental Unit - Climate change. Radiation. Nuclear Winter. What does the future look like in an increasingly nuclear world? Recommended: Secondary - Geography, Modern Studies. A Peace of History - Learn about the history of Scottish CND with this interactive lesson based around SCND's recent exhibition, a Peace of History. Unique opportunity to look in-depth at the history of a successful pressure group. Recommended: Secondary - Modern Studies, History, Politics, Sociology
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