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Headstart Languages - Camembear’s gone digital! A solution for learning French in a fun and innovative way from Early and First Level. User-friendly, flexible teaching and learning resources, in line with the 1+2 curriculum requirements

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1 month free trial & 15% discount to new and existing user for the new Camembear Digital resource


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Camembear Digital - Come and see our new digital interactive resources featuring Headstart Languages, magical and fun-loving central character Camembear. Our new resources guarantee learning and progression, following Headstart Languages renowned 6 Fun Steps methodology- the key to success of the learning programmes. Our programmes are so user-friendly they can be used by any teacher in your school, irrespective of their linguistic ability, supporting you to embed the 1+2 Approach to Languages in your school. Your annual renewable subscription will enable your school to receive a site license giving your teachers access to: Engaging, flexible and differentiated IWB materials * Songs, rhymes, raps, stories and much more…* Regular updates keeping content fresh * Fun interactive games * Structured , ready-to go- sessions * Comprehensive teacher support and tips * Links to French culture * Printable resources including worksheets, flashcards, certificates and assessments to monitor progression. At HSL we take into account the best learning for the child. Research has proven that engagement of memory attention is higher when learning with tangible objects. Hence our programmes enable children to experience the magic of Camembear in real life using your own teddy bear puppet to consolidate and embed the learning effectively.
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