Every Child Counts & Professional Learning

Every Child Counts & Professional Learning

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Contact:Yvonne Panteli
A leading Provider of Postgraduate and other professional development across the whole school workforce. - intervention to support struggling Maths learners - The National Award for SENCo - PG Cert SpLD (Dyslexia) - PG Cert Education (Dyscalculia)


New Products

1stClass@Number: Teaching assistant-led programmes for groups of 4 pupils who need a helping hand with counting, number and calculation. Success@Arithmetic: Teacher and TA-led programmes for up to 3 pupils who need help to master the understanding and procedures for calculations. PG Cert Specialist Primary Mathematics Practice - to develop personal Mathematics practice and whole school impact. PG cert Education (Dycalculia) - improve effective practice and support for learners with dyscalculia.
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