Children in Scotland & My Rights My Say

Children in Scotland & My Rights My Say

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Children in Scotland's Learning & Events team and project 'My Rights My Say' have teamed up to join SLF 2019. Come visit us to find out about the training we offer, children's rights and how you can help CYP exercise these rights.


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The Children's Views service My Rights, My Say is a partnership between Children in Scotland, Enquire, Partners in Advocacy and Cairnlegal. Each organisation involved offers different services. Children in Scotland is responsible for leading the Children's Views Service, which is free to use and available across Scotland. Professionals can refer to the Children’s Views service if independent support is required to ensure a child aged 12 – 15 is able to share their views in a formal process, such as during an assessment, making a plan or a dispute. This differs from advocacy as it is specific to a formal process, whereas advocacy is led by the child and the issues that they want to discuss, which might not relate to a formal process.

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