Be You Mindfulness - Connect & Grow

Be You Mindfulness - Connect & Grow

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Connect & Grow from Be you mindfuness is an innovative mindful activity programme for schools which uses themed interactive magnetic puzzles to take the children on a journey of fun, imagination, curiosity completing various mindful/wellbeing activities.

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Connect & Grow© programme uses themed interactive magnetic puzzles that take the children on a journey of imagination. The children get great delight in randomly selecting a puzzle piece finding where it goes on the backing board and completing the class activity from one of 6 categories - Connect & Breathe, Connect & Ground, Connect & Engage, Connect & Flow, Connect & Care and Connect & Notice. The categories have been specifically chosen to help enhance wellbeing and fit with many areas of the health and Wellbeing curriculum as well as supporting the 5 ways to wellbeing. There is a lot to see and find as they start to build the puzzle revealing the picture and hidden elements as they learn vital life skills along the way. Whats Included? 1 x Versitile puzzle Board (Per Class) 1 x Themed puzzle (Per Class) 1 x Resource Booklet (Per theme) 1 x Storage Bag School Staff Training - (Self care as well as delivery of the programme) Parental engagement pack After working in many schools over the years delivering mindfulness courses, my vision was to create some sort of resource for schools to use to help build and develop those all important social and emotional skills. Lots of discussions were had with teachers, parents and the children themselves of what they would like to get from a programme and my answers were clear. Something practical and sustainability, Different from existing programmes, Imaginative and fun, Minimal extra preparation for staff, Versitile, Something the children themselves could be in charge of, Something that captures the children’s attention. On the back of this Connect & Grow was born.
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