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Apply Your Arts

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FACILITATING CHANGE THROUGH THERAPEUTIC ARTS. Apply Your Arts has a pioneering approach in educational Art Interventions. We deliver programmes and train staff to work with our practical interventions through a 4 year degree in Anthroposophical Art Therapy.

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20% off YOG_ART 6 week programme 20% off AFL 2 day training Visit the stall/email us: for the 20% off


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YOG_ART: YOG_ART is a combination of Trauma Informed Yoga and Anthroposophical therapeutic arts. The 6 week programme is a tailored therapeutic intervention delivered within your school, in a class or small group setting. YOG_ART is a mindful process where balance and letting go are key. ARTS FOR LIFE programme: The 2 day training in Art Intervention, enables teaching staff to use our Arts For Life programme. The programme is a non verbal art intervention programme based on therapeutic techniques, aimed at P5 - S6 pupils. This 6 week programme can be delivered to pupils in a 1-1 or small group setting, to support them in understanding and recognising their own wellbeing.
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