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The Learning Zoo

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T: 01851 850700
Contact: Anne Glennie
Professional development, literacy consultancy and training, including The Story Kitchen (Writing), Reflective Reading (Comprehension & Reading for Pleasure) and Phonics Forever (Reading, Writing, Spelling Instruction and Intervention) :D #staycurious

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Teaching comprehension in primary? The Reflective Reading book is *half price* only at SLF! #staycurious


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Fresh *Spaghetti* served here! The Story Kitchen is totally new writing programme for primary schools in Scotland. Designed to improve writing motivation, skill and attainment, the programme contains a strong direct teaching and deliberate practice element, with a focus on how to write, craft and expand sentences and texts. Resources include Writing Trackers, Planners, Text Type Recipes, Word Maps and much more! Children will love meeting (and feeding!) The Spaghetti Yeti and using the Planning Plate to support the writing process. Come on in – The Story Kitchen is now open!
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