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Live-N-Learn build confidence, develop resilience, cultivate flexible mindsets & raise attainment with inspirational workshops & supporting resources for pupils, staff & parents. More than 300 schools have chosen our approach in the past 12 months!

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Drop by our stand to get access to some free growth mindset resources and also get your hands on some edible cookie dough!


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'Power of Yet': Our series of progressive pupil workshops seek to achieve equity in educational outcomes by closing the poverty related attainment gap. Target SIMD 1/2 from ages 5-19. 'Mindset for Exams Trilogy': Senior Phase study skills event delivered 3 times over the year. 'Mindset Matters': Brand new whole school Primary package for all pupils P1-P7, all staff, parents and resources. Staff 'Changing Mindsets & Building Resilience': 2-3 hours interactive CPD event for your 2019 in-service days.
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