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Hey Girls

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East Lothian
Contact:Molly Brown
Hey Girls is a new Social Enterprise that aims to end period poverty in the UK. We make pads, cups, tampons and reusable - for every pack we sell, we give a pack away to a person in need. We also provide educational resources for schools and community groups.

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Join the Hey Girls community to share learning around free period product provision in Scotland and develop amazing learning tools


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As well as providing period products on a Buy One Give One basis, Hey Girls is developing flexible learning resources to support open and honest conversations about periods, period poverty and stigma. Our resources are currently in development and we are looking to partner with a range of schools to pilot our tools. Hey Girls also provides period products. We are working with several local authorities on the roll out of free product provision in Scottish schools. As part of this we are collecting examples of best practice for product distribution and working with schools to create a peer led learning model that can be replicated elsewhere. All Hey Girls products are environmentally friendly – for example, our sanitary pads are made from sustainable bamboo and corn fibre, and come in a biodegradable wrapping and a recyclable cardboard box. The full range of Hey Girls products is available from the Hey Girls website at www.heygirls.co.uk - we sell pads, tampons, menstrual cups and re-usable pads.
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