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Ajenta - Vscene

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Ajenta based in Edinburgh worked in partnership with jisc to develop Vscene, the video collaboration platform used by more than 2000 UK schools, colleges and universities to create secure virtual classrooms, enabling remote teaching and learning.


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Based in Edinburgh, Ajenta create simple, cost effective communication tools, specialising in building e-learning and virtual classroom technology, telehealth and telemedicine platforms as well as corporate video conferencing platforms. Vscene, is a service developed in partnership with Jisc, Ajenta now own and operate Vscene, which was developed specifically for the education and research sectors. Vscene enhances teaching and learning, supports research and facilitates collaboration, allowing you to establish links with other organisations or campuses, record lectures/classes, facilitate group work, assessments, remote students or those with mobility difficulties can participate in learning using the Vscene platform. Vscene is accessed daily by more than 2,000 UK institutions, Vscene can be used to create secure virtual classrooms for up to 500 users and to enable remote teaching, learning and research with colleagues at other institutions in the UK and abroad. Ajenta now deliver a complete family of Vscene hardware to ensure your classrooms deliver a truly immersive experience.
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